Video assistance webapplication, ViiBE provides the best diagnosis the best collaboration the best support remotely and in real time.

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Someone has a technical issue.


He/she calls the assistance service and receives a ViiBE link via SMS or email.


He/she clicks on the web link and enters into a ViiBE communication with an expert!

Diagnose. Assist. Collaborate.

In an instant, the expert gets an immersive point of view from a distance.


The caller smartphone’s camera gives the expert an immersive view of the incident; he sees and controls the intervention by choosing to analyse the scene via the front or the back camera.


The real-time projection of the expert’s mouse onto the caller’s interface offers a dynamic collaboration and clear explanations.


In one clic, the expert can take and share photo-quality pictures. The interlocutors can then use the annotation tool by drawing on them live.

Document sharing

The expert can share any type of documents onto which the interlocutors will both be able to collaborate.

Multi support

ViiBE can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, computer and is now optimised for smartphone to smartphone communications.


Encrypted data transfer in TLS, the latest generation security protocol. ViiBE guarantees the integrity of your personal and professional data : files previously stored in the callers’ devices are technically inaccessible.

Use ViiBE everyday


minutes last month

More than 1000 video assistance sessions were completed using ViiBE last month.

Use ViiBE everywhere


deployed countries

ViiBE connects people in the most constraining environment worldwide and can cover communications from all over the world.

From any operating system


devices compatible

ViiBE is a cross-device platform, use it with your Android, iPhone, iPad, ecom, isafe, Desktop, connected glasses and much more effortlessly.


Industrial mobility IT Manager

ViiBE gives us great autonomy in deploying and managing our multinational maintenance network - it only takes a few clicks to deploy a virtual call center! Its robust infrastructure also allows us to scale up implementation easily based on our needs.

Bouygues Construction

Head of Open-Innovation

The ViiBE solution is so easy to use that our tens of thousands onsite personnels know how to use it as soon as the need arises without any training. Thanks to ViiBE, we are able to pursue our goal of mitigating project delay with very little additional effort in implementation.

Air France Industries

Innovation Manager

ViiBE’s cross-device support allows us to respond to emergencies in a timely manner, whether in front of the PC or on the go. We are also impressed by the statistics feature, which enables continuous optimization of manpower allocation and process design.

Deployment in the national crane call center dedicated to the crane maintenance, the most critical tool on a construction site as well as in the electricians’ support center.

Reduce experts’ displacements and the incident resolution delays in a context of potential callers being crane operators, site managers, technicians, employees or Bouygues Construction’s service providers.

Second most important construction machinery manufacturer and railways maintenance provider in the world, maintenance costs represent 40% of the machine price for the client in the long run.

Establish a competitive advantage by offering an outstanding support service for its clients, resulting in an increase of the machines’ turnaround time. Matisa rethought its services around ViiBE.

ViiBE optimizes the maintenance operations of the Aircraft Maintenance Direction. ViiBE connects the engineering experts and the engineering agents dispatched on-site during emergencies. ViiBE also establishes communications between the Airbus A350 maintenance engineering office located in CDG and the maintenance service providers located in Orly. ViiBE also connects Maintenance Contact Center experts and ground maintenance agents to manage risks on the Roissy hub.

Daikin France sells high quality air conditioning and heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
Deployed in Daikin's technical department, ViiBE equips experienced technicians accompanying professionals in all stages of Daikin product implementation. Daikin uses ViiBE in a hybrid way with both modes of accessibility: between collaborators and between collaborators and customers.

The leading Swiss manufacturer of production machines, very active in the agri-food market (leader in flour production), and also present in the advanced materials industry, machines’ high availability rate is crucial for Bühler's customers. Spread throughout the country, Bühler's customers regularly require on-site delegations for minor technical problems that do not justify long-distance travel.
ViiBE optimizes the travel of technical experts by remotely resolving top-level issues and increasing the productivity of our customers by reducing troubleshooting time. The solution also allows support between technical support members and enables us to increase knowledge sharing between technicians.

ViiBE was tested in 2018 within the automotive technical assistance call center: remote troubleshooting helped more than 5,000 drivers get back on the road with complete peace of mind and without the need for breakdown service.
Therefore Allianz Partners launched a live visual assistance service in January 2019: VisioTech to keep facilitating dialogue between drivers and technicians.

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