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In today’s hyper-connected and automated society, tools for human collaboration and communication are perpetually evolving with technological innovations. However, people still struggle to establish immediate, live communication to provide and receive assistance.


Maybe you need help fixing a complex machine, but the only experts are far away and the problem is difficult to explain over the phone. Or perhaps a customer is struggling to understand what is wrong with a product and you, the customer service agent, do not completely understand the issue over the phone. How do you proceed to resolve the issue in a clear and efficient way? 


We imagine a world where challenging issues don’t need to cause extra frustration just because you aren’t in the same place. A world where you have diverse collaboration tools at your fingertips, which you can access anytime, anywhere, with the click of a button.


Originally, co-founders Charles Demée and Marc Prempain developed ViiBE as a solution for emergency medical call centers. “The genesis of the project was based on the idea to guarantee that the French public had access to proper medical treatment in a single click”. This vision led to the decision to create a web application: “in an emergency situation, requiring an app to be downloaded represents a major obstacle in the consumer journey”.

About ViiBE's Genesis

ViiBE then pivoted towards providing industrial technical support and after-sales services with a platform that is accessible in a single click, without download, and equipped with dedicated functions to optimise remote diagnoses.


Now, ViiBE is being used in over 70 countries and across several industries. Reshape your remote operations value chain with ViiBE’s web-based video assistance solution.

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