Ticketing solution

ViiBE’s ticketing solution allows workers to access past interactions more quickly, resulting in faster problem resolution times and new opportunities for learning.

Start a ViiBE call

When field technicians or operators experience challenges that are not easily resolved, they can escalate the situation to a ViiBE call to receive remote assistance rather than sending for someone to travel on-site to help. During a ViiBE video call, operators can contact experts who can remotely guide them to resolve the issue on their own.

ViiBE product : call
Information available in ticketing solution

Generate quantitative data to track

At the end of a ViiBE call, the call participants have the opportunity to leave feedback on the quality of their call and interaction, name the call, and add tags according to what transpired during the call. The video call interactions remain archived so users can return and reference past interactions. Within the video call ticket, users can access all information about that call.

Archive ViiBE calls as a single ticket

If a problem needs multiple calls to resolve it, the parties can call each other back. These follow-up calls can be filed under the same ticket as the previous call. By organising multiple calls under one ticket, users are better able to follow the interactions and steps towards resolving problems. By sorting multiple interactions as a single ticket, this allows for a complete overview of a problem. Tagging these tickets results in the opportunity for deep search to quickly find overviews of past problems.

Archiving of viibe tickets in ticketing solution
Sorting by theme in ticketing solution

High level oversight through deep search of ticketing solution

With the ticket tagging system, managers can use deep search algorithms to easily sort and search through tickets to maintain a high-level oversight of their teams. The tickets can be filtered by call center, expertise, user, machine name, ticket status or NPS. This organisational system helps managers better supervise day-to-day operations by illuminating worksite trends such as the key challenges that their teams face.

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