Knowledge Management : Learning

Implementing a knowledge management solution ensures information transfer between new recruits and industry veterans.

With ViiBE, transform everyday operations into learning material.

Employees learning new information

Employees accumulate knowledge

Throughout their careers, employees gain valuable experiential knowledge. The challenge is to pass on this industry knowledge to novice workers. This becomes even more critical when retirement approaches, or when unexpected crises hit, such as the Covid-19 epidemic. Emphasising knowledge management boosts the organisation’s decision-making ability.

Why implement a
Knowledge Management solution?

Having an experienced workforce that is knowledgeable of the industry’s best practices is key to improving operational efficiency and reducing errors. Knowledge management solutions build a bridge between concrete operational experiences and learning departments. By making sure that a company’s expertise is accessible to all employees, organisations create smarter workforces that make quicker, more informed decisions that benefit the company. Digitising the operating procedures helps avoid the loss of knowledge due to retirement or layoffs.

Employee leaving company with knowledge
Knowledge management to redistribute information

Redistribution of knowledge

ViiBE’s ticketing and archiving system is a useful tool for retaining and passing on the knowledge of industry veterans. ViiBE’s video archives increase the speed and efficiency of new recruit training by providing consistent explanations of solving real challenges where they can see each step of how to resolve the specific issue. By rewatching past videos, workers can better understand the process of how to approach issues in the field and be better equipped to solve them so as to avoid errors.

Self-service with previous tickets through deep learning

If an operator finds him or herself in a situation similar to one that has previously been resolved with a ViiBE call, he or she can extract information from previous tickets to see how past issues have been solved. Operators can search for tickets with specific call centers, expertises, people, machine names, or NPS to narrow their search. No need to reach out to experts: self-service system enhances learning and makes maintenance more efficient. This results in lower downtime, no call redirections and ultimately cost reduction.

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