Find out how key actors in the transportation sector resolve daily challenges by integrating remote assistance tools.

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Major Actors

The transportation industry is subdivided into various sectors. From Air France-KLM, United Airlines, and Boeing in aviation, and Eurostar, SNCF, and Deutsche Bahn in railway transportation, all forms of transportation encounter challenges that can be resolved with remote assistance.

Challenges in Transport

Today, companies must minimise the duration of repairs and transportation downtime to prevent further delays and cancellations. These events require immediate assistance and maintenance during which experts are expected to identify and fix complex issues as quickly as possible to ensure that operations and travels can resume with little delay.

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ViiBE video assistance contact interfaces

Remote Solutions

When technically-complex machinery malfunctions, off-site, specialised technicians can use remote assistance tools such as ViiBE to provide precise instructions, and to avoid expert displacements. This expert can use ViiBE’s collaborative functionalities, such as the laser pointer and screen sharing to guide the on-site operator towards a complete diagnosis.

Features - Transport

Laser pointer

Experts can use the laser pointer feature to project a red laser beam onto the live video feed of the on-site operator. This offers a dynamic collaboration, the ability to pinpoint specific elements, and optimised guidance so the operator can resolve the issue quickly.

Screen sharing

ViiBE’s screen sharing feature is an efficient way for experts to provide immediate assistance, quickly share information, and guide operators through troubleshooting a problem.

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