ViiBE for SMBs

ViiBE is now available for Small and Medium Businesses.

Use ViiBE as a standalone plug & play solution or use our Rest API to easily integrate into your proprietary ticketing solution.

Custom Solutions

Standalone Video Assistance
and Ticketing for SMBs

ViiBE can be used as a standalone video assistance and ticketing platform, plug & play, perfect for SMBs looking to perform remote work or strengthen their customer service. Thanks to the wide scope of functionalities available in ViiBE, we were able to create specific packages with an optimal performance to cost ratio.

Liebr x ViiBE

Liebr uses ViiBE's video assistance solution to establish remote visual diagnostics of their clients' motorbikes.

Liebr x ViiBE

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VelyVelo x ViiBE

VelyVelo has an availability commitment with JustEat, and ViiBE helps them ensure the availability of their bikes.

VelyVelo x ViiBE

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Rest API Integration:
Video Assistance in Proprietary Ticketing Solution

ViiBE’s Rest API is accessible to companies looking to integrate video assistance and ticketing into their in-house ticketing system, empowering agents with new technology without reworking the whole environment. Our product team is always at the ready to help yours ensure a smooth integration.

Easy Onboarding

Autonomous Onboarding with the
ViiBE Academy

What is the ViiBE Academy? It’s a learning platform, developed by our Product and Success Management Teams, destined to onboard users onto ViiBE. A whole array of certifications and courses are available to make sure that your users are operational as soon as possible. And for SMBs, the ViiBE Academy is completely free!

SMB Customers

SMB Client: Liebr
"ViiBE helps us empowers our mechanics, allowing them to provide
exceptional remote technical assistance to our clients."
Leo, from Liebr

Liebr promises easy access to the best motorcycle and scooter mechanics, at the right price, and near you. With their plug & play implementation of ViiBE, they are able to connect their mechanics to their customers, empowering them to provide the best possible customer service. Learn more about Liebr’s implementation of ViiBE in our case study below.

VelyVelo provides electrical bikes to delivery fleets, with a focus on carrier well-being. Using ViiBE, which they integrated into their proprietary ticketing solution, allows them to ensure compliance with their availability commitment with JustEat. Learn more about VelyVelo’s implementation of ViiBE in our case study below.

SMB Client: VelyVelo
"We were looking for a way to reduce the downtime of our
electrical bikes in breakdown, ViiBE is just the right solution for us."
Asmaa, from VelyVelo

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