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ViiBE’s remote access software simplifies the incident management process by helping parties get connected quickly and easily in 3 simple steps.

ViiBE video assistance contact interfaces

3 easy steps

Diagnose. Assist. Collaborate.

1. Diagnose
A person encounters an incident that requires immediate assistance and classically calls the appropriate help-desk support service​.​​
2. Assist
Via his or her ViiBE platform, the call center agent or technical support engineer sends a link by SMS or email to the person in need.​
3. Collaborate
The person clicks on the web link and instantly enters a ViiBE call with the agent who can then use ViiBE’s various call functionalities to provide exceptional customer service.​

Our Features

The interlocutors benefit from a set of collaborative features.

ViiBE video assistance interfaces


The caller’s camera gives the expert an immersive view of the incident the expert can see and control the intervention by choosing to analyse the scene via the front or the back camera.​​


The real-time projection of the expert’s mouse onto the caller’s interface offers a dynamic collaboration and clear explanations.​​


In one click, the expert can take and share high-quality pictures. The interlocutors can then use the annotation tool by drawing on them live.​​

Document sharing

The expert can share any type of document onto which the interlocutors can collaborate simultaneously​

Multi Support

ViiBE can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, and computer. Also, it is now optimised for smartphone to smartphone communications.​


The data transfer is encrypted in TLS, the latest generation security protocol. ViiBE guarantees the integrity of your personal and professional data.​

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