Learn how important actors in the insurance industry resolve day-to-day challenges by implementing remote assistance tools.

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Major Actors

The insurance industry features several sub-sectors across the value chain. Companies that provide assistance to individual people include Allianz Partners, AXA Partners, and IMA. Insurance providers include United Health Group, Zurich Insurance, and Generali. These various insurance and assistance providers undergo complex challenges that can be solved by implementing remote assistance technology into their daily operations.

Challenges in Insurance

Today, insurers must assist their clients by helping them avoid risk and get out of difficult situations. As a result, these companies are able to reduce both costs and expert displacements. Companies expect customer support agents to quickly diagnose and resolve these complex issues which sometimes require technical maintenance or specialised knowledge.

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ViiBE video assistance contact interfaces

Remote Solutions

When vehicle accidents, home disasters, or other insurance-related incidents occur, client support agents or technical experts can use tools like ViiBE to guide customers towards resolving the issue remotely. This support agent can use ViiBE’s collaborative functionalities, such as the ticketing system and ability to send documents, to provide precise instructions and track customer satisfaction.

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ViiBE’s built in ticketing system tracks KPIs such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), FCR (First Contact Resolution), and the number of expert displacements avoided. Thanks to this feature, companies can better track their customer satisfaction and cost savings.


The document sharing functionality allows any party to send, annotate, and locally save documents during a ViiBE call. This is useful when the expert needs to send the operator or customer detailed instructions or important documentation.

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