Learn how major actors in the automotive industry resolve daily challenges by implementing remote assistance tools.

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Major Actors

The automotive industry features several sub-sectors across the value chain. Automobile manufacturers include companies such as BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, and Renault. Car rental companies include Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise. Each of these organisations and sectors face technical challenges that can be solved with the support of remote assistance technology.

Challenges in Automotive

Today, companies must decrease repair and operation downtime, as well as reduce expert displacements for breakdowns. Experts are expected to assess and resolve these complex issues that require technical maintenance as quickly as possible to prevent further delays and reduce costs.

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ViiBE video assistance contact interfaces

Remote Solutions

When car breakdowns or complex machinery malfunctions occur, expert technicians can use remote assistance tools such as ViiBE to guide on-site operators towards a complete diagnosis and resolution of the issue. This technical expert can use ViiBE’s collaborative functionalities, such as the live video feed and ability to take snapshots, to provide precise instructions and avoid expert displacements.

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Live Video Feed

Experts can use ViiBE’s live video feed to offer real-time guidance and instructions to an on-site operator. Thanks to this function, operators can quickly and easily resolve issues without needing an expert to travel on-site.


ViiBE’s snapshot feature allows call participants to take high-quality pictures of their live video feeds. These snapshots are shown in the collaboration zone where the expert can draw, zoom, and add arrows to the snapshot to better guide the operator towards a problem resolution.

Ticketing Solution

Allow workers to access past interactions more quickly, resulting in faster problem resolution times and new opportunities for learning.

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When mechanics fix cars that have broken down, they may be unsure about issues with highly specialised machinery. Find out how using video calls can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Over the past year, the automobile industry has experienced a sharp decline in car production and sales. This downturn in supply and demand resulted in a 3% drop in vehicle purchases globally.

There are several ways a company can enhance its operations to create a successful call center. Today, omnichannel communication possibilities make customer support increasingly complex.

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