Learn how major actors in the energy industry solve their day-to-day challenges by implementing remote assistance tools.

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Major Actors

The energy industry breaks down into different sectors. From Total, Shell, and Schlumberger in oil and gas, to Schneider Electric, General Electric, and PG&E in utilities, these major actors all face challenges that can be resolved by remote assistance.

Challenges in Energy

Today, energy companies must ensure their machines and plants experience as little downtime as possible due to new SLAs that require they maintain a steady production of resources. As a result, experts are allotted a short turnaround time during which they are expected to reach and resolve the problem to make sure operations can resume as quickly as possible.

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Remote Solutions

When technical machines, tools, or plants experience breakdowns or downtime, specialised technicians that are far away can use remote assistance technologies such as ViiBE to resolve the issue as quickly as possible while avoiding expert displacement. The expert can help an on-site operator remotely diagnose the issue using ViiBE’s collaborative functionnalities such as call routing and RealWear compatibility.

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RealWear Glasses

Technicians can use ViiBE on voice-activated RealWear glasses to share a live video feed of their field of view while keeping both of their hands free. Experts can take pictures, zoom, and annotate to diagnose the issue.

Call Routing

ViiBE’s call routing technology allows technicians faced with incidents during their day-to-day activities to enter into contact with an expert that has the specialised knowledge to resolve the particular issue.

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